Chosen – A Sleek jQuery plug-in for auto-search, auto-suggestions, multi-select within drop down lists for desktop browsers #Chosen

Chosen is a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly.

One of the best plug-ins available for drop down lists with searching facility.

Chosen is a library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more user friendly.

  • jQuery support: 1.4+
  • Prototype support: 1.7+

For documentation, usage, and examples, see:

For downloads, see:

Brower Installation

Chosen does not currently support command-line bower install chosen installation. This is because the repo does not contain the compiled sources, and bower does not currently support adding a post-install/build step.

However, you can specify that you’d like to use the release ZIP, which includes the compiled and minified sources.

Either install from the command line with

$ bower install

or add Chosen to your own project’s bower.json file…

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